Griffin and Lion Ancient Coin Earrings

Griffin and Lion Ancient Coin Earrings


14k gold setting

Two 1.5 cm ancient coins

This pair of earrings is composed of two ancient coins hailing from the same region, an Ancient Greek colony called Thrace, founded 2,500 years ago. One of these coins features a roaring lion, minted in 400 - 350 BC. Lions are emblematic of strength, royalty and power.

The second coin was minted in the city of Abdera in c. 400 - 346. This coin features a griffin on one side and Apollo, god of the sun, on the other. The griffin is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle, known for guarding treasures in antiquity.

These coins were hand selected by us from one of the oldest numismatic sources in London.

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