Chimera and Dove Ancient Coin Necklace

Chimera and Dove Ancient Coin Necklace


14k gold setting

1.5 cm ancient coin

Available on a solid 14k gold cable chain or gold fill snake chain, 18 inches long.

This silver hemidrachm was minted c. 330 BC in the Ancient Greek city of Sikyon. One side of this coin depicts a Chimera, a mythological fire breathing creature with the body of a a lion, a goat's head emerging from its back and a serpent tail. The Chimera was said to have terrorized the lands of Lycia before she was slain in the sky by Bellepheron and Pegasus.

Sikyon was the epicenter of painting and drama in the ancient western world, home to esteemed schools and theaters. The reverse is imprinted with the city’s primary emblem, the dove. The dove symbolizes spirit, peace, love and devotion, as well as the primary symbol for multiple goddesses.

This coin was hand selected by us from one of the oldest numismatic sources in London.

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