Artemis and Thunderbolt Ancient Coin Necklace

Artemis and Thunderbolt Ancient Coin Necklace


This necklace has sold, please contact if you would like to order a similar piece.

14k gold setting

2 cm ancient coin

Available on a solid 14k gold cable chain or gold fill snake chain, 18 inches long.

This 2,300 year old coin is imprinted with a profile of the goddess Artemis on one side and a winged thunderbolt on the other. Artemis was the goddess of hunting, the wilderness, animals, childbirth and the moon. The winged thunderbolt represented divine power. This coin was minted in the Ancient Greek city of Syracuse, now Sicily, circa 100 BC under the reign of Athocles.

This coin was hand-picked by us from one of the oldest numismatic sources in London.

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