Apollo and Dove Ancient Coin Ring

Apollo and Dove Ancient Coin Ring


14k gold setting with rotating mechanism, allowing both sides of the coin to be worn.

1 cm ancient coin

This coin was hand-struck 2,400 years ago, circa 370-330 BC in Sikyon, a Peloponnesion city in Ancient Greece. One side features the profile of Apollo, god of the Sun, adorned with a wreath of laurel leaves in his hair. The reverse is imprinted with an image of a flying dove. Sikyon was said to be the epicenter of painting and drama in the ancient western world, home to famous schools and theaters.

The city’s emblem was the dove, a symbol of spirit, peace, love and devotion, as well as the primary symbol for multiple goddesses. The ancient kings of Sikyon were said to be descendants and devotees of Apollo, god of the sun, truth, prophecy, music and many other areas of Ancient Greek life. He was said to protect worshippers from evil and carried a bow made of gold and silver, fitted with golden arrows.

This coin was selected by us from one of the oldest numismatic sources in London.

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