Conjuring Alchemy

Historically, jewelry was worn as a talisman. It was believed that the metals and minerals took on the spirit and vitality of the wearer, an alchemy that occurs when a person slips on a ring or fastens a clasp, their touch revitalizing the elements and bringing ancient resonance into the everyday. 

Alex Diamond uses the ancient Greco-Roman sculptural technique of lost-wax casting to reveal the inherent, untouched quality of liquid metal. In this process, she sculpts each piece by melting and carving wax into shape. Molten gold or silver is poured into cast shapes and cooled, which Alex then sands, polishes and studs with stones, forging pieces that are natural and elemental. The result is jewelry that feels like it might have been unearthed from the past but is created in her studio. Re-imagined and brought into the here and now, each piece lends its power to the 21st-century wearer just as potently as in centuries past.

When Alex Diamond is working, she is always aware of how minerals and metals are mined from deep inside the earth, a primeval, subterranean realm. Today most of us have lost touch with the source of these raw materials and the massive effort it takes to bring them up into the light. The lost-wax process calls us back to bedrock and awe, to an ancient way of jewelry-making that is brought to life by wearing these pieces, an act that honors both their origins and their creation.

Alex Diamond resides in Brooklyn, New York and has a background in Art History.